Predators Of The Reef

Our new Predators of The Reef area sees a £25,000 refurbishment of the area that previously housed our Clownfish (don't worry, you can still 'find Nemo' in our corals display!). This area will be completely refurbished and re themed to showcase some of the weirdest, fiercest and most venomous predators the reef has to offer. This area will now offer an introduction to the food chain before visitors move on to our Ocean Tank and Tropical Ocean Tunnel, where they'll meet the top predators of the reef and Scotland's largest collection of Shark species!

Meet venomous creatures like our Lionfish and Scorpion Fish and find out how these amazing predators use deadly venom to protect themselves from larger creatures while hunting for prey Then come face to face with some of the top predators in the reef’s food chain as you meet our moray eels, stingrays and collection of sharks. Find out how we care for these amazing creatures and what you can do to help protect them and their habitat.




Don't Miss...

Scotland's LARGEST collection of Shark species being fed in our Ocean Tank every second day at 13.30. If the Tropical Sharks aren't being fed on the day of your visit then our Deep Loch Tank containing our Native Sharks and Rays will be!