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Largest variety of sharks

Germany's largest variety of sharks

Experience the largest variety of sharks in Germany up close, with many different species of shark such as pajama cat sharks, zebra sharks or Japanese carpet sharks in the huge ocean tank. As a highlight meet zebra shark lady "Pünktchen", the largest inhabitant of the tropical ocean tank. Did you know that nurse sharks have a strange habit while sleeping? Nurse sharks are literally stacked on top of each other, and "stacks" of up to 30 sharks have already been spotted.

Please note:

SEA LIFE Munich reserves the right to remove individual animals from the exhibition or to close individual areas of the exhibition for technical, operational, health and safety reasons or for other reasons without prior notice.

On a tour through SEA LIFE Munich



Explore the creatures inside lake Isar.

Ohrenqualle (1)


Meet our fascinating variety of jellyfish



Dive into the darkness & depth of our shipwreck

Schwarzspitzen Riffhai.1

Tropical Ocean

Discover a world full of sharks and exotic fish in our tropical ocean

Beluga Whale Sanctuary

The SEA LIFE TRUST, partner organization of the worldwide SEA LIFE aquariums, has set up the world's first beluga whale sanctuary and protection station off the Icelandic coast. In collaboration with the WDC, the “SEA LIFE TRUST Beluga Whale Sanctuary” is a unique project that is intended to herald the end of keeping whales and dolphins in human care.

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