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Discover an amazing underwater world

Grüne Wasseragame

Tropical Island

Discover a world of crawling little feet, glittering scales and slimy giants. Are you brave enough to meet the wanderers between water and land?

Tropical Island

Sealife Muenchen Aquarium Haie1

Germany's largest variety of sharks

Experience the largest variety of sharks in Germany up close, with over 20 different species of shark such as pajama cat sharks, zebra sharks, dog sharks or Japanese carpet sharks in the huge ocean basin.

As highligt meet our zebra shark lady "Pünktchen", the largest inhabitant of the tropical ocean tank. Did you know that nurse sharks have a strange habit while sleeping? Nurse sharks are literally stacked on top of each other, and "stacks" of up to 30 sharks have already been spotted.

Discover what else there is to discover at SEA LIFE Munich.

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Touch pool

Are you brave enough to touch a sea anemone or put a real shark egg on your hand? Find out on your next visit!

Our touch pools are modeled on tidal pools. These arise when the water retreats at low tide. Many different and adaptable animals live in this extraordinary habitat. They have to withstand very different, rapidly changing temperatures and incoming waves.