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Zebra shark

Zebrahai (2)

Zebra of the sea

When you see the zebra shark, it is clear where it got its name from. Young zebra sharks have yellow-black horizontal stripes; adult animals, on the other hand, are spotted much lighter and darker. They therefore look significantly different in old age than in younger years.


Zebra Hai

We are hungry

Zebra sharks are crepuscular or nocturnal and feed on clams and snails, crabs, shrimps and small fish. They move rather slowly and, especially when looking for food, can squeeze through narrow crevices and caves.



Looooong fins

Zebra sharks have disproportionately long tail fins compared to their bodies. As a result, they can get very long and can reach a body length of over three meters. Normally, however, they are no longer than two meters.