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Local projects

965X515 Umweltschutz

We care about our environment...

... by sharing the wonders and beauty of the water habitat with you. We hope that you will learn to love and protect it as much as we do.

Our employees are committed environmentalists and have already gained a lot of experience.

They do a great job in our projects, which have the motto "Preserve, Save, Protect" to preserve the underwater world and its inhabitants for future generations.

At SEA LIFE Timmendorfer Strand we are especially fond of working with kindergartens and school classes!

965X515 Aquarium Im Klassenzimmer

Aquarium in the classroom

Among other things, we have given an aquarium to a school for two weeks several times in the last few years, in order to introduce the children to the underwater world and its inhabitants.

A large number of kindergartens and schools from the surrounding area applied. In order to be allowed to participate in this exciting project, they applied with painted pictures of the underwater world, rapped crab songs, self-made books or even short film sequences.

965X515 Beach Cleaning

Beach Cleaning

We inform our guests during their visit about the problem of the increasing pollution of the waters. However, we do not only talk, but also follow up with action.

Every year, SEA LIFE Timmendorfer Strand organizes extensive beach clean-up campaigns with local schools.

Here in particular the plastic garbage in in the focus, which needs centuries in order to be decomposed by salt water, sun and waves. It will never disappear completely from nature, but decompose into smaller and smaller pieces, the so-called microplating, which accumulates toxins in the sea and ends up back on people's plates with the food chain.

You would like to learn more about our projects or become part of them - feel free to contact us!

Kein Muell Am Strand 656X515 2

Community action - No trash on the beach

Informing, sensitizing and educating in dealing with nature at the coast is the goal of the campaign.

SEA LIFE Timmendorfer Strand, the municipality of Timmendorfer Strand, the shipping company Belis and Böttcher Schifffahrt have a new goal: "No garbage on the beach"! Following this motto we sat down together and developed the new awareness campaign. It takes about 20 years for a plastic bag to decompose in the sea, 200 years for a beverage can and even 450 years for a plastic bottle. The plastic never disappears completely, but decomposes slowly and remains in tiny pieces forever as microplastic. Numerous posters in Timmendorfer Strand, which were provided in the context of the new project and are on display directly at the beaches or in schools and inform about it now.

Download the poster here