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Moon jelly

8797 Moon Jellyfish Aurelia Aurita 2

Natural habitat

The moon jelly (Aurelia aurita) lives in local waters, for example in the Baltic Sea, and is characterized by four rings in the almost transparent, gelatinous center of the umbrella. Most species of jellyfish are comparatively harmless to humans.


Ohrenqualle (1)

Dangerous tentacles?

If you were to be touched by the tentacles of an moon jelly, this would usually only cause irritation. On the other hand, some species of jellyfish are deadly. Moon jellyfish feed on plankton, which adheres to a special layer of mucus.



Let yourself drift!

Jellyfish move like ghosts through the water. They move by contracting their umbrellas. Did you know that this species of jellyfish depends on tides and currents because it can only move itself up and down?
Moon jellyfish have a diameter of 5 cm to 40 cm and consist of over 98% water.