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Common Octopus


Blue Blood

Octopods have blue blood, three hearts, and can change the appearance of their skin in seconds. That sounds incredible at first, but it's true!

The blue color of their blood comes from the pigment hemocyanin, which binds oxygen and transports it to your organs. Since the blood is much thicker, it takes three hearts to pump the necessary amount of oxygen-rich blood through the body.

The myth that octopods have nine brains is not true, but their brains are so networked with their arms that the octopus can move each arm independently.


Not a single bone

Octopods are the escape artists of the seas. Their bodies do not contain any bones, so they can squeeze into tiny crevices and caves. Its tentacles reach lengths of up to one meter.



Wise and clever

Octopods are very intelligent animals. They can learn things very quickly and have to be constantly challenged, otherwise they get bored quickly. At SEA LIFE Hanover we keep our octopus busy by hiding their food in various objects, for example they have to unscrew a lid from a glass before they can get their delicacies.