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Blacktip reef shark

Blacktip reef shark at SEA LIFE Munich

Master of senses

The blacktip reef shark has both a very good sense of sight and smell.

Its eyes have a reflective layer that allows them to see even in almost complete darkness.

The smell of the sharks is even better: they can smell a single drop of blood in a million liters of water with their nose. They discover injured animals and potential prey at lightning speed.


Schwarzspitzen Riffhai.1

Friendships among sharks?

The latest discoveries report associations of blacktip reef sharks within a territory that hunt together and work closely with one another. The sex of the animals as well as the body size are decisive for the group formation. These groups are well organized and have stable, long-term relationships between the animals - comparable to friendships.

Schwarzspitzen Riffhai (2)

Mating belly-to-belly

Blacktip reef sharks usually reach sexual maturity from a body length of about one meter. The mating takes place in a belly-to-belly position in a shallow water part of their habitat. The pregnancy of the animals can range from nine months to 16 months, depending on the habitat. Immediately after their birth, the young are completely independent and are not looked after by the mother.