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Up close experience - Do you dare?

Are you brave enough to touch a sea anemone, to stroke a starfish, or to put a hermit crab on its shell? Find out on your next visit!

Our touch pools are modelled on tidal pools. These are created when the water recedes at low tide. Many different and adaptable animals live in this extraordinary habitat. They have to resist very different, rapidly changing temperatures and breaking waves.

If you want to explore a tidal pool by the sea, pay attention to the following important rules of behaviour:

Only explore tidal pools at low tide.
Wear non-slip shoes.
Never let children explore a tide pool alone.
Be careful and alert: Put stones back carefully. Do not break anything, and do not hurt any living creatures and under no circumstances take them home. 

Lysmata amboinensis

SEA LIFE Speyer, Touchpool

Lysmata debelius

SEA LIFE Speyer, Touchpool