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Meet the newest residents at Penguin Beach

Experience our enlarged Penguin Enclosure and get close encounters with our resident Humboldt Penguins and Inca Terns - 'the birds with magnificent moustaches' as they fly and dive above your head! Our colony of Humbolt Penguins are looking forward to showing you their new home and teaching you how to waddle! 

Over the 2018 winter period, the original Hunstanton penguin colony went on a short winter holiday whilst their old enclosure underwent an incredible transformation. Now you will be able to get closer to these captivating birds as you explore the penguin trail and watch them enjoy their new deep-dive pool, waterfall and beach. 

Things To Do


    Something exciting has arrived at Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary, all the way from the world’s Tropical Rainforests. Our team of friendly Rainforest Rangers are getting ready to show you some of their jungle beasties. If you’ve ever wanted to hold a snake, lizard or a giant creepy crawly from the deepest depths of the jungle visit Hunstanton SEA LIFE to meet our new Rainforest Rangers and all of their friends.


    Our amazing Ocean tank holds 187,500 litres of natural seawater and is home to over 30 amazing different species of fish and our majestic Green Sea Turtle, Ernie. Prepare to be amazed!


    Visit the outside seal enclosure and get a spectacular view from underwater. Get a closer look of our resident seals and learn about their individual stories at the seal feeding presentations throughout the day.

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The Wash and surrounding areas along the Norfolk coast is home to two species of seal, Common Seals and Grey Seals. The population of Common Seals here alone has the greatest density than anywhere else in the country. Since opening our Seal Hospital in 1989 we have helped rescue and rehabilitate more than 750 seals. In the past 12 months alone Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary has rescued over 50 Seals from Norfolk and surrounding counties.

Most of the seals that we care for at Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary are young and vulnerable. Many have been separated from their mother and are lost. Once our dedicated animal care team are notified we investigate and make the decision to bring it back to the safety of the Seal Rescue Centre.

When the time is right and they have reached their target weight, we arrange their safe release back into the wild.