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Seal Feed

Meet our six resident Common Harbour Seals as you feed them their fishy treats at SEA LIFE Hunstanton

In this VIP Experience

You’ll get to feed the seals their fishy feed – but watch out, they like to splash!

A member of our animal care team will be on hand to assist you as you feed our six resident Common Harbour Seals.

During your feed, you will also get the chance to learn more about the seals, their diet and their habitats. They can also answer any sea-related questions you may have. Our Seals are very inquisitive and love to follow our guests around whilst splashing and showing off, you’ll be sure to have a fish-tastic time!

Sealife Hunstanton 052
£60 per person

What's Included

  • Meet our six resident Common Harbour Seals; Sally, Amber, Tyne, Lora, Macey and Pippa as you experience a VIP Seal Feed
  • Learn about their diet, nutritional plans and their unique personalities
  • This experience includes entry to SEA LIFE Hunstanton