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Seal Rescue Centre & Hospital

The Wash and surrounding areas along the Norfolk coast is home to two species of seal, Common Seals and Grey Seals. The population of Common Seals here alone has the greatest density than anywhere else in the country. Since opening our Seal Hospital in 1989 we have helped rescue and rehabilitate more than 750 seals. In the past 12 months alone SEA LIFE Hunstanton has rescued over 50 Seals from Norfolk and surrounding counties.

Seal Rescue

Most of the seals that we care for at SEA LIFE Hunstanton are young and vulnerable. Many have been separated from their mother and are lost. Other rescued seals are discovered suffering from injuries or infections and aren't strong enough to fight for themselves. Once our dedicated animal care team are notified we investigate and make the decision to bring it back to the safety of the Seal Rescue Centre.

Seal Rehabilitation

Many pups that come into our care are just a few days old. They haven't learned how to catch or eat fish and are reliant on mothers milk. So, it’s our responsibility to take on the role of 'mum' to provide everything the pup needs to grow fit, healthy and strong. We do this by putting together a yummy fish soup, made with Herring. A natural food source and mix it with rehydration fluid to help their bodies recover after becoming dehydrated. Once the pups have learnt how to eat whole fish, they will be moved to a larger pool with other pups of similar ability. This allows them to start learning social skills with other seals. Once the pups are ready they will be introduced to our main seal pool, where they will be hanging out with our six resident seals as they wait to reach their target weight.

Seal Release

When the time is right and they have reached their target weight, we arrange their safe release back into the wild.


Covid-19 Update:

In line with updated advice from the UK Government, from the 14th September we encourage all guests to adhere to the latest guidance and not meet in groups of more than six people* to help protect themselves and each other when visiting our attraction.
As a COVID-19 Secure venue we can still host larger numbers in total but groups of up to 6 must not mix or form larger groups. We will continue to monitor Government guidance closely.
*Government exemptions are outlined here