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Otter Creek

Discover Otter Creek

Venture to our outdoor zones and get up close and personal with our resident Asian Short-Clawed Otters.

Watch as they splash about in the Otter River and snack on their favourite treats - peanuts!

Double Trouble

Meet our family of Asian Short Clawed Otters, cheeky chappies Twix & Summer. Get a sneaky peek into their den through a private viewing glass and watch them play in their specially designed river enclosure, complete with running stream & diving pool.

Two Otters
Otter Close Up

Otters are very well adapted to both life on land and in water

They have 2 layers of fur which acts like a wetsuit. The first layer is designed to repel water away from the Otters body and a second, fluffier layer to help keep them warm. 

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