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We are closed for renovations starting 05.09.2022

Sea Life Panorama Min

Our biodiversity

Discover various animal and fish species in different and breathtakingly themed areas. For example, how about an exciting journey through the rainforest and a meeting with the piranhas, right here in Constance? Are you brave enough to cross the Red Sea in an eight meter long ocean tunnel and experience breathtakingly close encounters with blacktip reef sharks or green sea turtles?

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Penguins in Constance

As special highlight at SEA LIFE Constance are the ten lovely gentoo penguins in our Polar Adventure area. See how they waddle to the water, before they shoot through the cold as fast as lightning. In May 2017, they made visitors' hearts beat faster with their offspring for the third time.

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Wildschein Willi 2

Lake Constance Museum of Natural History

With every SEA LIFE ticket there comes the admission to the Lake Constance Museum of Natural History at no extra cost! Discover the animal world around Lake Constance, find out why the lake would never have existed without the Alps, and let yourself be carried away into the ice age at Lake Constance! With audio stations for children and animals to pet!

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Closed for renovations

Please be aware, that we are closed for renovations starting 05.09.2022 until spring 2023.