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A commitment to our oceans

Join us in our mission

Our love for the ocean and its creatures extends far and wide. Take a look at some of our global conservation and animal welfare work with our charity, the SEA LIFE Trust and how you can help.

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The SEA LIFE Trust

We work very closely with the SEA LIFE Trust, an independent marine conservation organisation.
The SEA LIFE Trust is a registered environmental protection organisation that is committed to protecting the oceans and their fantastic inhabitants. We support local projects around the world to protect marine life and their habitats. We are involved in many conservation campaigns to bring about long-term change. We campaign for plastic-free oceans, sustainable fishing, marine protected areas and an end to the overexploitation and exploitation of the oceans.

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Beluga Whale Sanctuary
The SEA LIFE Trust owns and operates two sanctuaries: the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Gweek (UK) and the world's first Beluga Whale Sanctuary off the south coast of Iceland.
We supported in setting up the world's first beluga sanctuary off the coast of Iceland. Click here for the fantastic journey of Little Grey and Little White.

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Merlin Magic Wand

We not only love the oceans and their inhabitants - we are also dedicated to creating magical experiences for children who need them most. 

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We also work closely with many local organisations:


German Ocean Foundation

Working together to protect the oceans

The German Ocean Foundation is a non-profit organisation for the protection of the oceans. It makes the threat to the world's oceans heard and highlights alternative courses of action. To this end, it brings together initiatives and projects from all areas of the maritime economy, politics, research and society to create a strong voice for our oceans.

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Beach Clean

Clean Up Days

Team up with our passionate staff and join one of our beach cleans, helping to raise awareness about plastic pollution, keeping our beaches clean and.... did we mention they're fun, too?

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The SEA LIFE Berlin breeds minnows and poaches them

Regional projects in Constance

SEA LIFE Constance is committed to various projects to protect the environment and its animals. Learn more about what we do.

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Antarctic Research Trust

The Antarctic Research Trust (ART), founded in 1997, is a registered foundation based in the Falkland Islands (since 1999), Switzerland (since 2002) and the USA (since 2004) and is committed to research and nature conservation in the Antarctic. ,

One current project is the research into the migratory behaviour of thick-billed penguins (tawaki) in New Zealand using GLS loggers and satellite telemetry, which began in 2018 - to establish and expand protected areas.

SEA LIFE is delighted to be working with such a committed partner.

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NABU Federal Association

NABU has been committed to species and nature conservation in Germany for over 100 years.
Together with SEA LIFE, projects such as the pond turtle species conservation project have been realised to protect the European pond turtle, a species of turtle native to Germany. This species is on the Red List of endangered species. NABU and SEA LIFE are working together to reintroduce the species - with success.

We look forward to many more exciting projects with a strong partner at our side.

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