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  • SEA LIFE Oberhausen, Flowstone Cave

Impressive regenerative abilities

Axolotls are also called "walking fish", but they are actually not fish but amphibians! They occur in nature exclusively in Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco near Mexico City.

In contrast to other amphibians, axolotls stop their development and live as permanent larvae in fresh water instead of transforming into a newt by metamorphosis. The coloration of the axolotl is a dark gray or brown speckled, offsprings on the other hand are now available in different colors, e.g. white with pink-red gill branches. This direction of coloration is now almost the best known. The funny looking gill branches are also one of the most striking features of the axolotl.

Probably the most impressive feature of the axolotl are its regenerative abilities. In case of an injury, arms, eyes or even parts of the brain can grow back. 

During your visit to SEA LIFE Oberhausen, find out how many gill branches our axolotls have and why these amphibians are threatened with extinction in their homeland!