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Here you find all relevant information for your visit.

Good to know

SEA LIFE Oberhausen is barrier-free and has an elevator that makes all levels accessible. Of course there are also corresponding restrooms which can be accessed with a wheelchair.

All visitors with a "B" in the handicapped ID may bring along an accompanying person free of charge. Please book a reservation ticket (for "other tickets"). This is free of charge.

A regular ticket is necessary for yourself. Of course you can buy this ticket our online shop.

Since our aquarium is housed exclusively inside the building, your visit is independent of the weather and is great fun at any time of the year - protected from rain and snow and sheltered from the sun on hot days!

Dogs and other animals are not allowed in the exhibition. However, duide dogs are welcome. 

As part of your trip to the magical underwater world, take the opportunity to take a thrilling photo next to some of the most exciting underwater animals. Capture the memories of meeting dangerous sharks and other surprises from the oceans. You can't hide this photo from your friends later and show them what an exciting day you had among some of the most notorious creatures of the seas!

Please make sure to turn off the flash, as it might frighten our animals. 

We are child-friendly!

SEA LIFE Oberhausen is barrier-free and child-friendly. Entrance for infants under three years of age is free of charge. Please note that children under 16 years of age are only admitted when accompanied by an adult.

The most fun to visit is for children between the ages of 4-11 years, but that depends on their interests of course. In general, there are many exciting things for young and old to discover and interesting and new things to learn at interactive stations.

Did you know: Many of our pools and aquariums are at ground level, so the little ones have a clear view of our animals.

SEA LIFE Oberhausen is equipped with three toilet areas. You will find these in the entrance area, in the otter area as well as in the restaurant. Changing facilities are available in the restrooms in the entrance and otter area.

In the entrance area, there are a few parking spaces for baby carriages. Please note, however, that this area can only be offered according to demand. Of course it can happen that all parking spaces are occupied. Parking the baby carriage is at your own risk; no liability can be accepted.

If necessary, you can take the baby carriage with you into the aquarium due to the barrier-free construction. Please be considerate of other guests and make sure that they also have a free view of our tanks.