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A Plastic Ocean

April and May 2019

Temporary Exhibition
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Valentine's Month

February 2019

Come meet our baby ray!
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Stars of the Seas

Discover the most fascinating sea creatures in a month full of excitement!
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Summer Festival

July, August and September 2018

SEA LIFE Porto welcomes summer whith fun activites for everyone!
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Sustainability and Conservation Weeks

July 2018

Sustainability and Conservation Weeks are back for the 2nd Edition!
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Turtle Shelter

March, 2018

Find out the new exhibition: Turtle Shelter!
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Valentines Day

February 2018

The most romantic and exclusive night of the year is back! Enjoy a unique dinner side by side with our sea creatures
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Shark Weeks

January 2018

In January we dedicate the month to sharks!
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Blue Christmas

Enjoy Blue Christmas at SEA LIFE Porto
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Spooky Seas

From 16th until 31th October, join us to celebrate the Halloween Event - Soopky Seas at SEA LIFE Porto
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Armed Claws 2.0

Find out the new exoskeleton exhibition of SEA LIFE Porto
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Firefighters Exhibition

Historical vehicles of the Voluntary Firefighters on exhibition at SEA LIFE Porto
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During July and August, join us and enjoy a fantastic LEGO world with our creatures. There are many surprises planned!
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Sustainability Weeks

Join us and discover the colours that protect the oceans
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Pirate Festival

Easter 2017

This easter, The Pirate Festival is going to be the main attraction at SEA LIFE Porto. Dive into this fantastic adventure!
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Book Presentation

March 12th, 2017

"Nos olhos de uma Tartaruga" by Pedro Gaia is going to be presented on the March 12th at 03:15pm, on Bay of Ray.
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February 2017

Our creatures are celebrating the Carnival! During the holidays, join us at this party.
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Valentine's Day

Romantic dinner next to our creatures

Have you ever imagine have dinner next to several different creatures? On the Valentine's Day, you'll be able to celebrate love along with turtles, rays and sharks. An exclusive program that SEA LIFE Porto suggests to the most romantic day in the year.
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Turtle Fest

January 2017

SEA LIFE Porto is starting the new year with Turtle Fest for the all month. Two turtles rediscovering each other and a lot of funny moments provided by the two friends. There are plenty activities planned for this festival. Join us!
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Armed Claws

NEW 2016

SEA LIFE Porto presents the new annual exhibition, dedicated to the ocean's claws. The main attraction is the Japanese Spider Crab.
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8º Aniversário

Celebre connosco o 8º Aniversário do SEA LIFE Porto e descubra as surpresas que preparamos para si!
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