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Book Presentation

Book Presentation "Nos Olhos de Uma Tartaruga"

Our turtles delight our visitors here in SEA LIFE Porto. On March 12th , our green turtles Mariza and Yellow, are going to join Maria, the main character in the book from Pedro Gaia named "Nos olhos de Uma Tartaruga".


The author's book, that has as main character a turtle, chose as stage to his presentation - SEA LIFE Porto. Next to our turtles, Maria, the turtle in the book from Pedro Gaia, promisses to conquer audience's heart. On this presentation, fiction and reallity get mixed and alert to the importance of ambiental education.


"Nos Olhos de Uma Tarataruga" is going to be presented on March 12th at 03:15pm, with a reading session. This is the first book from Pedro Gaia and the present illustrations were made by Isabel Gaia, author's wife. A story created by a family who loves nature and the wild life and that is now materialized on a children's book with an educational touch.


The book presentation happens before the first feeding of the day. A daily moment with a lot of animation on SEA LIFE Porto.


Reading Session:

March 12h - 03:15pm - Ray Bay- SEA LIFE Porto