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Firefighters Exhibition

Firefighters Exhibition

Historical vehicles of the Voluntary Firefighters on display at SEA LIFE Porto


In August, come visit a free exhibition of four vehicles of the solidarity institution, do free medical screenings and, of course, support those who contribute to the protection of nature. The objective of this free exhibition is to raise awareness of environmental causes and support firefighting.


The largest aquarium in the north of the country plays an important role in protecting the seas and habitats of sea creatures. Throughout the weekends of August, and because the work of firefighters goes beyond fighting fires, you can also do free health screenings, aimed at all ages.


The exhibition, at the entrance of SEA LIFE Porto, reveals the differences between the historical vehicles and the most recent, by the voice of the firemen themselves. Adding good news, during August you can also visit BRInCKa at SEA LIFE Porto, an exhibition of LEGO buildings related to the sea and the coast that shares the habitat with the marine creatures of this aquarium. Two programs, designed in the same place, that offer you very fun educational sessions.