Get ready to come face-to-fin with an awesome array of sharks in our brand new feature - Shark Encounter!

Shark Encounter promises to let you get closer than ever before to the incredible creatures that grace our oceans. Extensive renovation work has been undertaken on the Ocean Tunnel to bring you a mesmerising new tank complete with an abandoned shark shipwreck. Watch out for our new creatures, Bonnethead Sharks as they circle above their new wreck.

Not only that, upstairs at the turtle sanctuary you will be able to visit Turtle Beach - a brand new specialist made feature which mimics a real beach for our rescued Loggerhead turtle, Antiopi.

Antiopi was severely brain damaged in an accident in Greece involving a boat propeller and would not survive if released back into the wild. Here at the Sanctuary we are working hard to re-create the most natural environment we can for Antiopi, so behaviours such as the laying of turtle eggs can be done in a more comfortable environment.