Fish Fantasy – colour your own sea

“Fish fantasy” showcases the beauty of the tropical ocean and the real life creatures that live within it. Merging inspiration and imagination, you can colour in your very own virtual sea creatures which come to life on a screen within a live display! In its synthesis of creativity, learning and conservation this virtual aquarium is an experience to be enjoyed by all ages. Marvel as your amazing creatures are projected into a vast virtual sea and then swim through the underwater world!

New in 2018! Jurassic Seas

Travel back in the time of the dinosaurs and discover what it is like to live in the prehistoric era. One of the animals you see in this exhibition is the axolotl, an exotic amphibian that spends all of its life underwater, but also the horseshoe crab whose ancestors go back 445 million years. The horseshoe crab has 10 eyes spread all over his body! Find out everything about these cute and interesting animals and also play the interactive game with prehistoric underwater animals. This exhibition can be seen until the 6th of January 2019.