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Sea Life Oberhausen Groesste Haiaufzucht In Deutschland

Germany's biggest shark nursery

The 148 square meter shallow water tank offers the best conditions for young blacktip reef sharks: shallow water, a large area and the very best food bring you closer to the topic of rearing in a vivid way.

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Schutz Der Mangroven

New zone: Mangroves

The newly designed theme area in mangrove style represents the natural nursery for sharks as well as a birth and feeding place for the marine animals, in which they can feed and grow up. Shallow water, a large surface area and the very best food not only cause enthusiasm among the sea dwellers, but are also intended to give visitors a vivid understanding of the subject of rearing. Already in the past SEA LIFE Oberhausen could announce impressive breeding successes.

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Dear visitors, please note that our residents are living creatures. It is possible that you will not find some of them in the exhibition during your visit, because they are in veterinary treatment or similar.