Affectionately, we call it Zuleika. It is one of the most fascinating and bizarre animals that inhabit the Ocean Aquarium!
With an athletic built and lips that would make Angelina Jolie envious, it is common to find it immobilized, like a statue, sometimes hidden, in every corner. And when you least expect it, in it comes, wide-eyed, watching you closely! Notice how it seems to be thinking: "what is this strange creature down here? No gills, funny fins and swims on its feet!".

Due to their soft and tasty meat, grouper fish are a highly appreciated cooking delicacy. The Goliath Grouper, cousin to the Grouper is one of the most endangered species. We have two specimens in the Oceanic Aquarium. They have large eyes and are very expressive! They like to get close to people, observing them closely. But by being so friendly and sociable, it is in serious danger of extinction! Find out why in our new Campaign for Oceans Conservation.
Meet our Groupers, fall in love with them, and find out what can you do to help them!

Things to Do

  • Finding Zuleika at our Ocean Aquarium is like searching for Wally. Don’t give up on the first attempt. It is easily confused with a statue. Here are some clues: in Neptune’s lap – its favourite spot; on Neptune’s shoulder; camouflaged along one of the pillars of Neptune's Kingdom; within the coral, on the short end of the Aquarium...
  • Notice that no other fish is still, simply floating, like her!
  • Test your photographic skills, by taking her picture from various angles. Besides being very photogenic, it will be difficult to find another fish that lays so quiet, like it just waiting to be photographed!
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