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Celebrate Stars of the Sea this summer at SEA LIFE Arizona!

Stars of the Sea

SEA LIFE Arizona is expanding its summer offerings to meet a wave of interest in this film season’s most famous fish.

In addition to serving as home base for 28 “saltwater celebrities,” including 15 yellow tang fish and 13 regal tangs, the aquarium has updated its displays, educational resources and ocean talks with the latest fishy facts.

SEA LIFE Aizona will also launch an educational new ‘Stars of the Sea’ feature offering fun activities exploring tangs, stingray, and other creatures from the deep.

Enhanced interest in the sea’s most famous forgetful tang fish comes at an ideal time, as the aquarium recently celebrated the successful lab breeding of more than a dozen aquarium-raised yellow tang fish - the same way the fish from the film came to be. SEA LIFE ARIZONA AQUARIUM’s group of fish also marks the first time the species was ever bred successfully in a lab setting.

“From our observation at SEA LIFE ARIZONA AQUARIUM, it’s clear that tangs can recognize and remember patterns, including feeding schedules,” said Steve Bitter, local aquarist at SEA LIFE Arizona said of the species. “Tangs also tend to graze slowly on food like plankton and algae, school together as groups and sleep in crevices to hide from predators like tuna and lion fish.”

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