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Tortoise | SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium

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Explore an underwater world filled with incredible creatures including jellyfish, lobsters, a seven foot long zebra shark named Mochi, and a smiling porcupine puffer. Each exhibit has a unique array of fish just waiting to be discovered. Spend an afternoon taking your time at each exhibit to see how fish act in their natural environment, and learn amazing facts about these creatures.

Step out of the ocean and into the desert in Critter Canyon, the wildest place in the West! Here, you'll come face-to-face with our slow-moving desert tortoises Mojave and Sonora, our active uromastyx, and two king snakes.

Dive Deeper

  • With thousands of sea creatures in more than 200,000 gallons of wonder, you will spot something new around every turn
  • Enjoy finding fishy movie stars like a clownfish and regal tang
  • Come face to fin with creatures that live nearby in our freshwater exhibit, and see our Gila Topminnow conservation efforts


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