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Limited Time Event!

Tricks and Treats

October 1st to 31st

Limited Time Event!

  • October 1st to 31st
  • 11am - 5pm *Hours may vary, please see website for all hours
  • Starting at $17.99 per person
  • All Ages

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From Oct 1St 31St (2)


October 1st-31st 

Join Serafina the Sea Witch and become an ocean defender! Learn all of the tricks to helping the sea creatures around you, and earn some treats on the way. 

  • Follow the trail and learn all of the tricks to becoming an ocean defender! 
  • Learn some Creepy Creature facts with our Educators. 
  • Join us in Critter Canyon for some not-so-scary land animals.
  • Explore some Hair-Raising deep sea creatures with our Educators. 


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