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씨라이프 부산 해마 호텔

Enter the Seahorse Kingdom!

Visit the Seahorse Kingdom at SEA LIFE Busan to witness the beauty of seahorses. Explore their mysterious secrets and learn fun facts!

씨라이프 부산 해마

Did you know?

Seahorses swim standing up!

It swims with its dorsal fin standing upright with its tail curled in.

It also has excellent camouflage, where it has the ability to change its body to a colour similar to its surroundings!

Visit SEA LIFE Busan to learn more about seahorses.

Learn about Seahorses
씨라이프 부산 해마의 은신처

Spot the seahorse

Various types of seahorses live in the Seahorse Kingdom.

Find the seahorse's lair and keep your eyes peeled to see how many different types of seahorses there are!

Discover the secrets of seahorses

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