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Turtle Rescue Zone Tank

Sea Turtle Rescue Team

Sea turtle rescue team similar to actual rescue activities In the exhibition zone, with various hands-on activities, you should also become a sea turtle rescue team at the Busan Aquarium!

부산 바다거북 구조대 체험 활동

Experience our Turtle Rescue zone

Together with our friends, join the sea turtle rescue team and treat the sick turtle and remember to give it a name too!

Turtle Rescue Zone 1

Lets join the Sea Turtle Rescue team!

Turtle Rescue Zone 2

Rescue sea turtles, X-rays, and treat sick turtles 🩹
Think of a name for the turtle I rescued and send it back to the sea!

Turtle Rescue Zone 3

Turtle, don't be sick!

경상북도 울진에서 구조된 바다거북이

Protect our marine life

SEA LIFE Busan is doing various activities to protect its precious sea friends. We are breeding, habitat making, rescuing, and rehabilitating sea friends, and we are also working to raise awareness of issues related to marine life by submitting petitions for unprotected marine life.

The turtle rescued from Uljin, Gyeongsangbuk-do, returned to nature.
Check out the release video of sea turtles that makes your heart feel grand right now 🌊🌊🌊

Watch Video

Everyone! Be a part of our Sea Turtle Rescue team😎

🌊🐢 #SeaTurtle #SeaTurtleRescueTeam