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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Merlin Entertainment Korea Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) attaches great importance to the protection of personal information, in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, protects users' personal information and rights and interests, handles users' complaints related to personal information smoothly. We have the following policy in place to do this. Ver.4.0 [2020. 05. 13.]

These terms and conditions apply to the conditions and procedures of SEA LIFE Busan Aquarium internet information service (hereinafter referred to as the 'service') provided by Merlin Entertainment Korea (hereinafter referred to as the 'company'), and the rights and obligations of users and others. The purpose is to stipulate necessary matters.

  1. The service is provided on condition that the user accepts the provisions stipulated in these terms and conditions without any change. By using this service, the user agrees to these terms and conditions.
  2. The Company may amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate relevant laws such as the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Basic Act on Electronic Transactions, the Electronic Signature Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization, the Act on Door-to-door Sales, etc., and the Consumer Protection Act.
  3. The Company may amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not harm related laws such as the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc., the Electronic Transaction Basic Act, the Electronic Signature Act, the Information and Communications Network Utilization Promotion Act, the Door-to-Door Sales Act, the Consumer Protection Act, etc. there is.
  4. When the company revises the terms and conditions, the date of application and the reason for the revision shall be specified and the current terms and conditions will be announced on the initial screen of the "service" from 7 days before the application to the day before the application. However, if the contents of the terms and conditions are changed unfavourably to the user, the notice is given with a grace period of at least 30 days in advance. In this case, the company clearly compares the contents before and after the revision and displays them in an easy-to-understand manner for users.
  5. When the company revises the terms and conditions, the revised terms and conditions apply only to contracts concluded after the effective date, and the provisions of the terms and conditions before the revision apply to contracts already concluded before that date. However, if a user who has already signed a contract sends a message to the company that he/she wants to be subject to the provisions of the amended terms and conditions within the notice period of the amended terms under Paragraph 3 and receives the consent of the company, the provisions of the amended terms will be applied.

If matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions are stipulated in relevant domestic laws and regulations, the provisions of the relevant laws will follow.

The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as set forth in each of the following:

  1. 'User' refers to members and non-members who access the 'service' and receive the services provided by the company in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  2. 'ID' refers to letters, numbers, or a combination thereof that the person registered and obtained approval from the company for identification of members and use of services.
  3. 'Password' refers to a combination of letters and numbers determined by the member to confirm that the member is a member that matches the ID registered by the member and to protect the member's own confidentiality.
  4. 'Termination' refers to the termination of the contract of use after the company or member starts the service.

  1. When a member clicks the Agree button when applying for the service, it is considered that he or she agrees to these terms and conditions.
  2. The time of establishment of the contract of use is the time when the consent of the company for the application reaches the member after the person who wishes to use the service agrees to the terms of use

In accordance with Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act, the company is taking the following technical/administrative and physical measures necessary to secure safety.

  • In order to use this service, all user information required in the subscription application form set by the company must be recorded and applied.
  • All user information written in the subscription application form is considered to be real data. Users who do not enter their real name or actual information cannot receive legal protection and may be restricted from service.

  1. In the following cases, the company may withhold approval until the reasons for restrictions on approval for the application are resolved
    • If there is no room for service-related facilities
    • If you have a technical disability
    • When other companies are deemed necessary
  2. The company may not accept the application for use in the following cases:
    • If you applied using someone else's name
    • In case of false user information when applying for use
    • When an application is made for the purpose of undermining social well-being or good morals
    • In the event that other company does not meet the requirements for application for use

  1. In principle, the company provides the service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unless there is a special problem in business or technology.
  2. Some of the services provided by the company can be provided and received only through the ID and password recognized by the company by registering as a member.

  1. Members have priority to participate in various events hosted by the company in the future.
  2. Members can receive the benefits of using services for members among information services.
  3. Members can automatically sign up for various events or events hosted by the company and receive various benefits. Various rights and obligations arising at the same time are deemed to have been agreed upon at the time of membership registration.

  1. The company allows members to use the service requested unless there are special circumstances.
  2. The company has an obligation to provide services continuously and stably in accordance with the provisions of these terms and conditions.
  3. If the company deems that the opinions or complaints raised by members are justified, it must be dealt with immediately.
  4. The company is obliged to protect the personal information provided by the member.

  1. Members are responsible for all management of ID and password.
  2. In the event that his/her ID has been used illegally, the member must notify the company of the fact by e-mail or other methods.
  3. Members must comply with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and related laws.
  4. Members shall not allow third parties to use their ID and password.

  1. When a member wishes to cancel the contract of use, the member himself/herself may apply for cancellation through e-mail, and the company will immediately withdraw from the membership.
  2. The company may terminate the use contract without prior notice or suspend the use of the service by setting a period if the member commits any of the following acts.
    • If it is against public order and good morals
    • In case of criminal activity
    • When planning or executing service use for the purpose of impairing the national interest or social public interest
    • In case of stealing another person's ID and password
    • In case of damaging the reputation of others or giving a disadvantage
    • When the same user double-registered with different IDs
    • In the case of impeding sound use, such as harming the service
    • In case of violation of related laws or the terms of use set by the company
    • In case of threatening the order of electronic transactions, such as interfering with other people's use of the service or stealing the information
  3. The company may forfeit membership if the same act is repeated twice or more after restricting or suspending membership, or if the cause is not corrected within 30 days.
  4. If the company loses membership, membership registration is cancelled. In this case, the member is notified and given an opportunity to explain before the membership registration is cancelled.

If the company intends to restrict the use, it sets the reason, date and period and notifies the user or agent by e-mail or telephone of the user. However, this may not be the case if the company recognizes that it is necessary to urgently suspend the use.
  1. In accordance with the information communication method (Article 29), if the company does not log in to the “Site” for one year, the company manages all information (ID, password, etc.) entered at the time of membership registration as a separate (dormant account).
  2. The company destroys all personal information (accounts) of dormant accounts after a certain period of time to protect members' personal information.

  1. When the company notifies the member, it can be done with the e-mail address submitted by the member to the company.
  2. In the case of notification to many unspecified members, the company may substitute individual notification by posting it on the service bulletin board for more than one week.

  1. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights for works created by the company belong to the company.
  2. Members shall not use the works of the company or others obtained by using the service for profit-making purposes by copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting, or other methods without the prior consent of the company or others, or allowing a third party to use them.

  1. Member information will be thoroughly secured, and may be shared or provided to third parties in accordance with Article 3 of the Privacy Policy.
  2. The company may provide the member with various information deemed necessary during the member's use of the service and other publicity and advertisement information by e-mail, letter, telephone, fax, mobile phone text transmission or other electronic transmission medium. If a member does not want it, he or she can refuse to receive the information from the membership application menu and the member information edit menu.
  3. The company is not responsible for any loss or damage that occurs as a result of a member's participation in, communication or transaction of advertisers posted on this service or through this service.

  1. We operate the 'Community' service so that users can express their opinions and share common interests. If the service includes bulletin boards (including reader submissions), chat rooms, forums, clubs, or other message or communication facilities, the user may use the community only to receive and send message materials suitable for or related to the specific service. You agree to use it.
  2. The items specified in each of the following items are items that can restrict the use of the community, and the restrictions on use are not limited to these items only.
    • Violating, misusing, stealing, threatening, harassing, or otherwise violating the legal rights of others, such as privacy and publicity rights;
    • Publish, mail, post, distribute or disseminate any title, name, material or information that is inappropriate, profane, defamatory, infringing, obscene, profane or unlawful;
    • Disclose any software or other material protected by intellectual property laws, unless you own or control the rights therein or have obtained all necessary consent.
    • Posting materials that contain viruses, virus-infected materials, or other similar software or programs that may damage other people's computers.
    • Advertise or sell goods or services for any commercial purpose;
    • Conducting research, contests, pyramid schemes or sending lucky letters
    • An act of downloading materials that users know or reasonably expect to know that have been posted by other forum users and cannot be distributed legally.
    • Forge or remove any authorship, statutory or other appropriate notice, or trade name, or any indicia of its source or origin, of any software or other material contained in the disclosed material;
    • Restrict or prohibit other users from using or enjoying the Community;
    • Posting obscene content that goes against public order and morals, propaganda, missionary, or slander of a specific religion, or other atypical content, such as arousing local emotions

  1. The company is not obligated to censor the community. However, the Company reserves the right to disclose any information or, in its sole discretion, refuse to edit or transmit all or part of the information or materials, or to remove it in order to satisfy any applicable laws, regulations, legal process or requests from relevant authorities. do.
  2. The company considers that the user has recognized that all community services are public communication, not private communication, so that the contents of the user's communication can be read by others without the user's knowledge. We should always exercise caution when sending information to the community about users or their children that can be identified about whom they are. The company does not manage or approve the content, messages or information in the community.
  3. The company is not responsible for any events that occur when the community and users participate in the community. Forum moderators are not authorized representatives of the company, and their views do not reflect those of the company.

The Company is not responsible for any damages incurred by the member in connection with the use of the service while the service fee is free.

The company is exempted from the obligation to provide services or liability for damages in the following cases:

  1. In the event that the service cannot be provided due to a natural disaster or force majeure equivalent thereto
  2. In the event of a disruption in service use due to reasons attributable to the member
  3. Damages caused by the member's failure to obtain the expected profit from the company's service provision or the selection or use of service data
  4. Contents such as reliability and accuracy of information, data, and facts posted by members on the service

  1. The company installs and operates the Customer Satisfaction Office (Tel: 051-740-1700) to reflect legitimate opinions or complaints raised by users and to compensate for the damage.
  2. The company will prioritize complaints and opinions submitted from users. However, if prompt processing is difficult, the reason and processing schedule will be immediately notified to the user.
  3. Disputes between the company and users may be subject to mediation by the Electronic Transaction Dispute Mediation Committee established in accordance with Article 28 of the Framework Act on Electronic Transactions and Article 5 of the Enforcement Decree.

For disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions, the court of competent jurisdiction under the Civil Procedure Act shall be the court of competent jurisdiction for the first instance.

Enforcement Date: These Terms and Conditions are enacted and implemented from July 15, 2014