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• Busan Aquarium Opens on 7th

• Seki Shimonoseki, Japan signs sisterhood relationship

• Busan Metropolitan City Award for Commendation of Designation of Tourist Facilities

• Sisters with Nakasaki Penguin Aquarium in Japan

• The number of visitors to the Busan Aquarium has exceeded 4 million

• 2005 Busan International Tourism Exhibition Award for Best Promotion

Anemone Blue Pink Pxhere


• Lifelong Education Center facility approval (Haeundae Office of Education)

• Selected as a leading company in Busan

• Designated as a specialized marine animal rescue and treatment institution (Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries)

• The blue sea turtle (Eunbuki) rescued in 2008 was cured and released.

• Signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Institute of Fisheries Science Signed a sisterhood relationship with Oarai Aqua World, Japan

• The number of visitors to Busan Aquarium exceeded 10 million

• Selected as an excellent female-friendly company (Dongrae Women's Human Resources Development Center)

Blue Jelly Fish Daniel Codina 246795

2011 - Present

•The only sunfish exhibition in Korea

•Designated as a non-habitat conservation organization (Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs)

•Signed a memorandum of understanding with Busan Design Center for cooperation in the design industry. Rescue and treatment of Korean native whale sharks

•Web Award Korea 2011 Grand Prize (Korea Internet Experts Association)

•Busan Aquarium-Busan Station signed a strategic business partnership to revitalize tourism in the Busan region

•Asia's first successful Weedy sea dragon complete breeding

•Signed a joint research agreement ceremony for indoor breeding of endangered marine animals with the Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs

•Busan Aquarium rebranded as SEA LIFE Busan as of 1 July 2014

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