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Asian Small Clawed Otter

  • SEA LIFE Busan, B2 Floor

Meet the charismatic otters

Meet our wild professional hunters at SEA LIFE Busan. You can see our playful otters eating, splashing, or floating on water.

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Wetlands, Meandering Rivers, Mangroves


Up to 100cm


Crustaceans, Insects, Small fish


Southeast Asia


Small-clawed Otter

Scientific Name: Aonyx cinerea
Common Name: Asian small-clawed otter

Asian small-clawed otters can be found in the rainforests of Southeast Asia and is known as the smallest species of otters. They live in groups and tend to spend more time on land than in rivers.


Did you know?

  • Small-clawed otters are very vocal and communicate through loud, high-pitched squeaks and cat-like 'meow' sounds.

  • The forelimbs of small-clawed otters are only partially webbed, and their claws are very short, giving them great dexterity for shelling mollusks, crabs (including freshwater crabs) and other crustaceans that make up the majority of their diet.

  • The small-clawed otters' nostrils and ears can be closed to keep out water, and their waterproof fur keeps them warm.

  • Otters have the densest fur of any animal, there are millions of hairs per square inch in places.

씨라이프 부산 아쿠아리움 작은발톱수달

The otter zone is open now!

Learn more about our otter's daily life on our Instagram channel! To commemorate Hangeul Day, Busan Aquarium is holding an event to name four baby otters~~

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Meet our lovely otters

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