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Birthday Party

An unforgettable birthday experience!

The children dive into the dazzling underwater world and go on an adventurous hunt for treasure amidst sea and rainforest creatures. There is so much to discover, learn and marvel at on an exciting search for it!


What's included in the package:

  • Free entry for the birthday child 
  • Free entry for one accompanying adult
  • Includes full-day admission to SEA LIFE Hanover for a maximum of 6 birthday guests (children)
  • Greetings for the birthday group
  • An exciting treasure hunt through the depths of the aquarium, small treasure included
  • Free SEA LIFE Hanover annual ticket for the birthday child as a gift
  • A slushy for each child

The package is only online available. 

A clownfish swims in SEA LIFE Hannover

Price Overview

This package costs 130€ and is only valid for one adult and up to seven children (incl. birthday kid) aged 3 to 14. Additional adults or guests (children) can be booked on site:

  • Additional children for 15€ per child (incl. gift and slush)
  • Additional adults for 10€ per person
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Age Group 1: The Puzzle Hunt

For toddlers and children who can´t read

Let´s puzzle! You have to find the puzzle pieces in our amazing underwater world and in our tropical rainforest! So after you found all pieces and put them together you will get a hint where the treasure is hidden...

Piraten Party

Age Group 2: The Treasure Hunt

For children who can already read

Equipped with pirate hats and a treasure map that shows you the underwater world, you go on a hunt for treasure! After you have solved some tricky tasks, you will receive a numerical code for the hidden safe, which contains the last clue for the hidden treasure.

Book now!

Unfortunately, we are not offering online bookings in English, but you can still host your birthday party at our attraction. Please continue to make your booking through our German booking portal if you are interested. We apologise for the inconvenience, and we thank you for your understanding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Experience shows that children between the ages of 4-12 have the most fun at SEA LIFE.

But of course it also depends on the respective interests and other factors and can also be very exciting for some older children.

For example, we also offer children's birthday variations for different age groups. Please be sure to let us know when booking if your wish differs from the normal treasure hunt.

We recommend our normal treasure hunt for children who can read (mostly 8-12 years).

Our location is housed indoors, a children's birthday party can be celebrated at SEA LIFE regardless of the weather.


At the reserved date and time, please go to the SEA LIFE Hannover entrance. There you register and we will have a welcoming for you and your birthday group (unfortunately, this can only be guaranteed for punctual groups).

Then off you go on your own exciting treasure hunt through SEA LIFE.

It's best to plan about one and a half to two hours for your stay.

On the way out of SEA LIFE to the Bistro, you will pass through our souvenir shop. As this is always on the way, it's best to plan some time for the children to look around.

In the case of a booked treasure hunt, each birthday group receives a welcome from us and then starts the treasure hunt on their own - therefore at least one adult is necessary as an escort. But don't worry, the treasure hunt should keep your children well occupied.

We don't organise full themed birthday parties, but these can of course take place at our centre. For example, these invitations could include having all the children come dressed as jellyfish, starfish, clownfish, other sea creatures or even pirates!

Yes, we have a small café with a selection of drinks, coffee and cake. If the weather permits, there are also nice seats on the terrace in front of the cafe, with a view of the pond. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve a seat.

For hygiene reasons, food you bring with you may not be eaten on site (except baby food).

Yes, you are allowed to take photos in our aquarium. However, please make sure to turn off the flash beforehand as marine life is very sensitive to bright light.

The treasure for the treasure chest is included in the basic package for each child.
The treasure contains at least three items per child from our souvenir shop.

The basic birthday package costs €95.
This is included in the birthday package:
  • Day ticket for one birthday child, a maximum of six birthday guests (children) and one accompanying adult
  • Welcome for the birthday group
  • Exciting treasure hunt incl. treasure for each child (a small surprise, the treasure contains at least three items from our souvenir shop)
  • A slushy for each child
  • A SEA LIFE Hannover annual pass for the birthday child as a gift

This package is only valid for one adult and up to seven children aged 3 to 14 years. The birthday package can only be booked online. 

Additional persons can only be booked on site:
Additional adult companions: €10.00 per person
Additional guest children (incl. gift and slush): €15.00 per person


The package price includes admission for the birthday child, a maximum of six birthday guests and one accompanying adult.

Yes, if you would like to celebrate a child's birthday with us, it must be booked online in advance. Please note that some times may already be booked, so the earlier you book, the more likely the desired date will still be available.

As soon as you receive a booking confirmation from us, the reservation is binding. Should you not be able to hold the children's birthday party, please send us an email at

Unfortunately, we do not have an English online booking portal. You can book through the German birthday page from the button provided above.