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Finde im SEA LIFE Hannover heraus, ob Piranhas ihr schlechtes Image wirklich verdienen

Great dad

After the spawning process, the male usually takes over the defense of the clutch and takes care of the larvae brood. This care only ends when the young fish are able to swim.


Piranhas at SEA LIFE Hannover

Health police

In their habitat, piranhas are considered "health police". They feed on weakened or sick animals and animal carcasses. In this way they ensure that no diseases spread in their living space.


Piranha im SEA LIFE Hannover

'I grunt'

There are also alpha males among piranhas. In mock battles for ranking, they bite into the water just before their opponent and make grunting noises to prove their superiority.


Im Regenwaldbereich des SEA LIFE Hannover leben einige Piranhas

Less dangerous than you think

Piranhas have a very bloodthirsty reputation, but the fish are far less dangerous than you might think. They are especially shy of humans and hide quickly so that one can swim safely in waters where piranhas live. This means that we can clean the aquarium panes from the inside without any worries. However, when they are under stress or very hungry, they can also attack uninjured animals with their razor-sharp teeth ...