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Your SEA LIFE moments

Take a look at the great photos that our guests have taken with us in the gallery. Come by and dive into fascinating underwater worlds!



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Doktorfische beobachten im SEA LIFE Hannover

Our biodiversity

Discover various animal and fish species in different and breathtakingly themed zones. For example, how about an exciting journey through the rainforest and a meeting with the piranhas, right here in Hanover? Are you brave enough to cross the Amazon river or walk through our ocean tunnel and experience breathtakingly close encounters with blacktip reef sharks or our green sea turtle?

Explore our zones

Eine schwimmende Höckerschildkröte des SEA LIFE Hannover

Turtle Time!

At our turtle temple you can explore the diversity of our many turtles and learn a lot about these exciting reptiles. You can meet the mighty red-footed tortoise and the cute yellow-bellied sliders or watch our map turtles take a swim. 

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