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Important visitor information

Please note that due to limited capacity and high demand we can currently only grant admission with an online ticket or time slot reservation (for annual tickets, advance tickets or discount vouchers)! Please book your ticket in advance or choose a time slot for your visit.


  • Do I have to buy an online ticket or can I buy a ticket on site?

To help contain the coronavirus, we have introduced strict capacity limits. We can only accept the visit for dated online tickets or reservation tickets for e.g. Annual ticket holders. Without this, there may be a longer waiting time on site and we cannot guarantee the visit.

  • When do I have to book an admission ticket?

The admission ticket entitles you to visit the attraction. The price already includes the reservation of a time slot, which must be selected during the booking process.

  • When do I have to book a time slot ticket?

For annual ticket holders and for all other types of pre-booked tickets & discount vouchers or free tickets, we can only guarantee entry if a corresponding time slot has been reserved. This is done with the reservation ticket. This is the only way we can really guarantee entry on site.

To do this, the respective type must be selected and on site, e.g. to present the annual pass or free pass.

  • I have a discount voucher - how can I book an online ticket (not the time slot reservation with payment on site)?

There is also the option of redeeming the coupon for the admission ticket. To do this, please enter the number or the corresponding name under "Promotion Code" during the booking process.

  • Why are certain days not selectable?

Days on which the center is closed or already fully booked are grayed out in the booking process and cannot be selected. In this case, please book tickets for another day.

  • I have already booked a ticket – can I change my visit date?

Yes, from now on it is possible to amend your visit date up to 5 times via our booking portal. To register, you need the confirmation number of your booking and the e-mail address you used for the booking.

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We are very happy to be open for you. This is only possible if we take certain precautions against the coronavirus (Covid-19) into account and therefore we ask you to comply with them with us:



  • In order to trace infection chains, we are obliged to trace the contact details of our visitors. We guarantee this through the sale of time-based online tickets. So please buy your tickets online. In this way, we also ensure that we can adhere to the required capacity limits. Please note that we do not accept cash on site.


SEA LIFE annual passes

For your questions regarding the SEA LIFE annual pass, please note the following FAQ:

I have bought a SEA LIFE annual pass online, but have not yet redeemed the online ticket at the attraction and activated the annual pass. What can I do?

All SEA LIFE annual passes sold to date remain valid. The period of validity of the SEA LIFE annual pass begins on the day the online ticket is redeemed on site at the respective attraction.

After our attractions reopen, you have another 6 weeks to redeem your online ticket on site.


My SEA LIFE annual pass expires during the closing time and I have already bought an extension online. What can I do?

The new SEA LIFE annual pass can be picked up within one month of the reopening of the attraction. A new pass will be issued upon renewal. The new expiry date of the pass depends on the day on which the pass is collected.

Please note that the SEA LIFE annual pass can only be picked up at the attraction through which the extension was carried out online.

SEA LIFE Hanover is barrier-free and has an elevator that makes all levels accessible. Of course, there is also a corresponding toilet that can be used with a wheelchair. The observation tower in the rainforest is unfortunately not accessible for wheelchair users.

All visitors with a "B" in their handicap ID can bring an accompanying person free of charge. A ticket is required for yourself. You can buy this with our online discount in the online shop. Please reserve a time slot for your accompanying person.

Since our aquarium is only housed in the building, your visit is independent of the weather and is a lot of fun in every season - protected from rain and snow and protected from the sun on hot days!

Dogs are not allowed in all the attractions, this might scare some of our residents. However, we make an exception for guide dogs. Please bring an official document to confirm the need of your guide dog. Thank you.

All information about visiting with children

SEA LIFE Hanover is of course barrier-free and child-friendly. Admission for infants under three years of age is free.

For which age group is the SEA LIFE Hanover suitable?
Visiting with children between the ages of 4-11 is the most fun, but of course it also depends on their interests and can be very exciting for some older children.
Did you know: Many of our tanks and aquariums are floor-level, so your little ones have a clear view of our residents.

Toilets and baby changing facilities
The SEA LIFE Hannover is equipped with two toilet areas. These are located in the exhibition and catering area. There are changing facilities in both areas.

In the entrance area there are a few spaces for prams. Please note, however, that this area can only be offered according to the possibilities. It can of course happen that all parking spaces are occupied. You park the stroller at your own risk; no liability can be accepted.

If necessary, you can take the stroller with you into the aquarium thanks to its barrier-free design. Please show consideration for other guests and make sure that they too have a clear view of our tanks.

Please note that children under 15 are only allowed in when accompanied by an adult.

TIP: Celebrate the next children's birthday at SEA LIFE Hannover. Whether with a birthday tour, a treasure hunt, great birthday packages or an exclusive feeding - a successful party in any case. All information on children's birthday parties at SEA LIFE Hannover

As part of your trip to the magical underwater world, take the opportunity to take a thrilling photo next to some of the most exciting underwater animals. Capture the memories of meeting dangerous sharks and other surprises from the oceans. You can't hide this photo from your friends later and show them what an exciting day you had among some of the most notorious creatures of the seas. 

Please make sure to turn off the flash, as it might frighten our residents. 

You can turn your visit into a day trip on our sun terrace, located directly at the mountain garden of the Herrenhausen Gardens. Enjoy a small snack or a delicious latte macchiato between feedings.

In the aquarium itself, however, there is a ban on the consumption of food and drink that you have brought yourself for reasons of hygiene. Baby food is of course excluded from this.