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Guided tours

SEA LIFE Porto is promoting monthly free guided tours to our sea front. Starting from our doorstep, come find more about our sea front with us!


Every 3rd sunday of the month, at 10.30am, join us for a free guided tour from SEA LIFE Porto to Praia do Molhe.

During the tour, you'll learn about the history of the area and its geology as well as all about the creatures that inhabit the rockpools.

The tours are free! Join us!



1st Guided Tour - April 21st - 10.30am

2nd Guided Tour - May 19th - 10h30

3rd Guided Tour - June 23rd - 10h30

4th Guided Tour - July 21st - 10h30

5th Guided Tour - August 18th - 10h30

6th Guided Tour - September 22nd - 10h30



  • How long do the tours last?
    • About 1h30m;
  • What's the route?
    • We start from SEA LIFE Porto and go along the beaches of Castelo do Queijo, Aquário, Homem do Leme and Molhe.
  • Is the tour free?
    • Yup!
  • Who are the tour guides?
    • Special members of the SEA LIFE Porto team;
  • Can I visit SEA LIFE Porto after the tour?
    • Yes you can! After the tour you can enjoy a special discount to visit the attraction!
  • What if rain hits?
    • In case the weather doesn't help, we'll postpone the tours; all information will be available on site and through our social media.
  • I have other questions!
    • Shoot it to or contact us through our social media.