SOS Turtles

Loggerhead turtle

Join us in the mission of protecting the Oceans!

We, the explorers of the ocean world, are on a new mission: saving the turtles by protecting the beaches where they lay their eggs.

The turtle lives for so long... so long that it can reach 150 years and is known as the animal with the biggest longevity!
But only 1 out of 1000 turtles survives until adulthood.

What do we propose?
With plaster and paint create your own turtle. Give it a name and participate in building an awareness campaign in the SOS room at SEA LIFE Porto.

We need 1000 turtles to show people that only one survives and therefore how important it is to preserve their habitat and the places where they spawn yearly.

Did you know that turtles always return, year after year, to the same beach to spawn?

Like the turtle, with your help, treading softly, we’ll go far!

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