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Penguin Island

Land of the Humboldts

In Easter 2015 we launched an amazing feature Penguin Island! 

Penguin Island is the first penguin walk-through experience to be introduced throughout SEA LIFE Europe and exclusive to SEA LIFE Scarborough. Come and join in the fun, as we allow our guests to get closer than ever before to our colony of Humboldt Penguins.

Penguin Island at SEA LIFE Scarborough

Breeding Programme

Since the opening of Penguin Island, we've bred seven penguin chicks, some of which were hand-reared by our aquarists behind the scenes!

Humboldt Penguin 2

Discover more about Penguin Island

  • We've taken note from previous designs and hired great architects to develop a state of the art penguin area. Our penguins home includes out crops for them to jump on and a climbing area to make sure they keep their feet in great condition
  • Not only that, guests are able to walk directly through their home and watch them make a splash in their new babbling waterfall
  • You can learn all about the important conservation issues surrounding the Humboldt Penguin in the underwater viewing cave
  • We increased the amount of water in the new penguin area by 50% - make sure you watch out for them making a splash!
  • See how you measure up against the penguins around the world on the height chart! Are you short like a rock-hopper or larger than an emperor?

Meet the Penguins