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Shhh! Can you hear that? An adventure is calling!

Are you feeling brave enough to trek through the Rainforest? Ranger Andy invites you to discover our Rainforest Adventure!

A storm has hit SEA LIFE Scarborough and Ranger Andy needs your help to unearth what lies beneath the surface of the Rainforest.

Immerse yourself in a world of creepy crawlies...

... lurking lizards and curious critters. Be just centimetres away from Green Tree Pythons, and be mesmerised at the incredible colours of our Poison Arrow Dart Frogs!

Meet the Creatures

Girl at the Rainforest Adventure Zone SEA LIFE
Rainforest Adventure

An adventure awaits!

So what are you waiting for? Guarantee your space as one of our first explorers and pre-book your tickets today. 

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