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School Visits

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A classroom with a ocean view

At SEA LIFE Scarborough, we offer a unique school trip alternative that aligns perfectly with the KS1 and KS2 curriculum. With over 2,000 fascinating creatures to explore, including penguins, sharks, rays, clownfish, seals, and many others, your class is sure to have an incredible learning experience.

In your class, you'll encounter incredible creatures face-to-fin. Visit Penguin Island to waddle with Humboldt Penguins, and witness the rehab journey of seals at Yorkshire's only Seal Hospital.

Join our talk and feeding demos and interact with sea creatures at our Rock pool experience! Touch an anemone, hold a mermaid's purse (shark egg case), and have fun!

KS1-KS4 pupils have the opportunity to learn:

In Geography

  • To identify the different habitats of the world, focusing on oceans and rainforests

In Science

  • To understand that animals have different adaptations to survive in their habitats
  • To define and understand the terms 'habitat', 'micro-habitat', 'life-cycle' and 'eco-system'
  • To use classification keys to help group, identify and name a variety of living things
  • To recognise that environments can change and that this can pose dangers to living things