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Rescuing Ocean Wildlife

Meet Donna and Ziva, Our Rescued Green Sea Turtles!

SEA LIFE Arizona is proud to partner with the Georgia Sea Turtle Center in the rescuing of sea turtles. SEA LIFE Arizona currently has two rescued turtles - Donna and Ziva. 

Arizona has been Ziva's home since 2010. She was the first sea turtle to call Arizona home! 

Donna joined SEA LIFE's Family in 2022 after being found cold-stunned off the coast of California. After finding a shoulder injury, Donna was determined as un-releasable and can be found in our Sea Turtle Rescue Reef! 

Fun facts: 

  • Donna is an omnivore, enjoying both leafy greens and small ocean creatures, such as prawns! 
  • Ziva loves all peppers and cucumbers
  • Donna is and Olive Ridley turtle. Olive Ridley's are some of the rarest turtles to find in aquariums, and are found in less than 10 facilities around the world!  
  • Both are very strong willed animals!

 Hope you come by to “sea” them soon!

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