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Green Team

Green Team Initiatives

The SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium Green Team is a group of employees that exemplify SEA LIFE’s mantra of “Breed, Rescue, Protect.” The Green Team participates in initiatives to help the Arizona environment.

Our members have hosted major conservation projects aimed to help protect the Sonoran desert and its aquatic ecosystems. Below, our aquarists share their own stories of conservation. 

Coral | SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium

Coral Propagation

Coral reefs are vibrant ecosystems that support a diversity of life in our oceans. Animals from whales, to clownfish, and even sharks will call coral reefs home from time to time. Corals are tiny animals that come in many shapes and sizes and work together to create massive ecosystems. Unfortunately, these ecosystems are having a rough time surviving in the wild due to many factors such as warming oceans, pollution, and habitat destruction. At SEA LIFE Arizona, we are doing our part to raise awareness about these essential creatures by growing them in the aquarium and sharing their stories with our guests.

-Brett Ignatowski, Aquarist

Live Foods | SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium

Live Foods Culture

Live foods are a vital part of our fish’s development. Here at the aquarium, we grow live foods such as brine shrimp, volcano shrimp, and rotifers. By doing so, we provide nutritional enrichment to a host of animals- including seahorses, jelly fish, corals, anemones, and baby fish. This diet mimics very closely to their natural feeding behaviors, ensuring they have a happy and healthy life.  

-Rebecca Dorminey

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