Beach Cleans


Who can get involved?

Everyone of all ages are welcome! From individuals looking to make a difference; to families, youth groups, student groups and local community groups, everyone is welcome to join us in helping to protect our native wildlife!


What do I need to bring to an event?

We provide any equipment necessary so volunteers only need to dress for the weather and bring their enthusiasm, protective gloves if they have them and a packed lunch if attending a beach clean.


What is the Tideline Treasure Hunt?

During the Tideline Treasure Hunt section of certain beach cleans, we'll be searching for and identifying different egg cases, shells, seaweeds etc. along the tideline so people can learn about the kind of creatures they're helping us to protect.

The number of specific shark/skate/ray eggcases that we identify during the Tideline Treasure Hunt will also be added to the Shark Trust's Great Eggcase Hunt project so you'll also be helping to gain a better understanding of species abundance, distribution and how to protect them.

Going through the  tideline also has the added benefit of allowing us to remove small particles of plastic found in this area which are often consumed by wildlife as  the tideline is a particularly common foraging area for seabirds and other wildlife.


How do I sign up?

Email with your details to sign up so we can gauge numbers and the equipment we'll need, or for any further questions about the events.