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Pop Badge Swap Events!

Up coming Pop Badge Swap Events:

We currently have no swaps planned - keep checking back for more info! 

Collect and Swap your Pops! Join us to swap your Pop Badges in our Swap Zone and to meet other pop badge enthusiasts!

Our Pop Badge Swap Zone is located next to our Ocean Tunnel and a member of staff will be there at all times.

The Pop Badge Swap event is included within the cost of admission. All you need to do is purchase your tickets online or at admissions and you will get entrance to the attraction and to our Pop Badge Swap event.


Pop Badge Swap Terms and Conditions
1. The Pop Badge Swap is a FREE event included within the cost of admission which will give you access to the attraction and our first EVER Pop Badge Swap.
2. Maximum of 20 swaps per person, per day
3. Maximum of 20 guests in the room at a time
4. Maximum of 20 minutes to swap
5. Be considerate of other people’s collections and do not pressure them to swap something they may want to hold onto for their personal collection.
6. Staff love to swap their pop badges, however if they are doing a talk or talking to our guests, there may be a small delay in swapping.
7. Collectors are responsible for their personal collection of pop badges and SEA LIFE Brighton cannot be held accountable for any losses that may occur on the premises.
8. For fair swapping, our pop badge policy is 1 badge for 1 badge per swap, regardless of the Pop Badge’s status or rarity.
9. Pop Badges are NOT for resale and hold no value. Do not pay someone for Pop Badges as they are making unlawful profit from the Park’s intellectual property.