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Quiet at the Aquarium

Quiet at the Aquarium

Sea Life Brighton invites guests with Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) to explore the aquarium without the worry of busy crowds, bright lights, or loud noises throughout 2019.

26th October - 9am

The centre is opening its doors an hour earlier and managing any potentially stressful factors, so that guests who may normally find visiting the aquarium overwhelming, can enjoy the wonders of the sea.


Loud, busy environments can be a stressful place for those with SPD, even certain fabrics, food or colours can also cause a sensory overwhelm for some individuals.

Important information:

  • You MUST pre-book this event. Anyone without a booking will not be granted entry. Use code 'Quiet'
  • Individuals with SPD are allowed to bring no more than 2 guests with them 
  • The guest with SPD must bring an officials diagnosis, doctors note or other proof of specific SPD difficulties. Any guests without this will not be permitted entry 
  • We will cap the event at 100 people, if you have booked a space but are unable to come, please release your tickets through the Eventbrite page so others can use them.

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