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World's Oldest Aquarium gets a £2.7 million upgrade!


SEA LIFE Brighton, the oldest operating aquarium in the world, has launched their new ocean exhibit Day & Night where guests can experience 24 hours on a coral reef.  Opened to VIP press on Thursday 23 May SEA LIFE Brighton were inundated with guests to take a first look at the long awaited new display.  The launch party saw some very special guests including local Brightonian roller skate and hula hoop star Kiki LaHula who performed and entertained the crowds on the night. Over 400 guests were treated to an exclusive preview of the new area which showcases, amoungst many other species,  black tip reef sharks, a bloch fan tail sting ray and also welcomes the reunion of green turtles Lulu and Gulliver!

Home to over 840 stunning sea creatures, the impressive 700,000 litre display will house: Black-tip Sharks, Green Turtles and a Bloch-tail Sting Ray amongst hundreds of other day & night dwelling ocean creatures.  An Ocean Tunnel will take you on an immersive journey - from the brightly lit, bustling daytime reef to the mystery of the reef by night, creating a sensation that you are diving through the swaying corals as the turtles, rays and jewel coloured reef fish glide past just inches from your fingertips.

A huge 5 metre-viewing screen offers a window onto the world of the reef by day. Breath-taking coral outcrops provide a backdrop to a stunning array of reef fish such as Sweetlips, Sailfin Snappers, Butterflyfish and Clown Triggerfish.  By night, the atmosphere of the ocean changes dramatically as nocturnal creatures such as Popsicle Squirrelfish and Nurse Sharks emerge from their slumber bringing in a new dynamic to the spectacle. Submerged caves and hidden corners of the reef reveal the mysteries of the ocean under darkness and the secrets lurking within, while bioluminescent soft corals exude their mysterious glow.