Sharks at SEA LIFE Brighton
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Razor-sharp teeth, giant fins and super strength jaws! 

Sharks have lived in our oceans for more than 420 million years! That makes them older than trees!

With over 500 species in our oceans, they're true survivors with a top of the class sense of smell.

SEA LIFE Trust is actively working with the Shark Trust to campaign against unsustainable shark fishing in EU waters. SEA LIFE is also proud to be coordinating the European black tip reef shark breeding programme.

Black Tip Reef Shark

Hey see that? You can tell a black tip reef shark by the black markings on their fins!

These guys live in the warm tropical coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Bet you'd rather live there than in our cold seas... brrr.

Baby black tip reed sharks are often the favourite pray for larger groupers or larger sharks so they spend a lot of time hiding away from threats. Poor little guys!

Nurse Sharks

Nurse sharks prefer to dwell near the sea floor in the warm, shallow waters of the western Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans. They can grow up to 9.5 metres which is equivalent to a 6ft tall man!

Covid-19 Update

As part of the Government’s containment plan for the COVID-19 coronavirus, we have been advised to temporarily close SEA LIFE Brighton - effective 20th March. The move is consistent with the closure of other leisure venues to prevent further outbreak. Please follow the link for further information and booking enquiries.