The Loop - SEA LIFE Brighton
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Come and close The Loop!


 SEA LIFE Brighton invites you to close the recycling Loop as part of a new initiative to teach children and adults all about the importance of recycling! Recycle your plastic bottle with The Loop and be rewarded with your very own The Loop Pop Badge! 

Part-funded by Coca-Cola Great Britain, The Loop will encourage every person who purchases a bottled drink from Sea Life Brighton to responsibly recycle their waste. Ultimately, the aquarium hopes that The Loop will recycle 20,000 plastic bottles each year, the equivalent of what Sea Life Brighton sells annually.

 For each bottle that is recycled, Coca-Cola Great Britain will donate 5p to the Sea Life Trust, an independent charity which works throughout the world to help endangered marine wildlife, and educate people on the dangers and risks to the world’s waters. 

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