Talks and feeds

Black tip reef shark

  • 11.00 Turtley Amazing
  • 12.00 Breed, Rescue & Protect
  • 13.00 OutRAYgeous Rays
  • 13.30 Seahorse Kingdom
  • 14.00 JAWsome Sharks
  • 15.00 Big Fish Bonanza
  • 16.00 Turtley Amazing

All talks apart from Breed, Rescue & Protect also include a feed
Feeding for JAWsome Sharks takes places on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays

Ocean tunnel

Turtley Amazing - 11.00 & 16.00 - Auditorium/Ocean Tunnel
During this talk you’ll get to meet our biggest and most famous residents, Lulu and Gulliver the Giant Sea Turtles and Jersey the Loggerhead Turtle. You’ll find out all about their histories and what issues their species face in the wild, whilst watching them enjoy their healthy food.

Brighton - Tyler

Breed, Rescue & Protect - 12.00 - Auditorium/Ocean Tunnel
Come learn about our SEA LIFE ambassadors Magnus the Shark, Tyler the Turtle and Mia the Seahorse, and the struggles their species go through. You will learn about the projects SEA LIFE partake in to help rescue these creatures as well as how you can help conserve them yourself.

Bay of Rays

OutRAYgeous Rays - 13.00 - Ray Pool
Discover which sea creatures swim in our UK waters. This is also our native rays’ feeding time so you’ll find out about the rays who live with us and how we breed them. What do they eat? How do they breed? Can you tell the different rays apart? You’ll also get to meet some of the other residents - the Dogfish, Turbot and Bream.

Brighton - seahorse

Seahorse Kingdom - 13.30 - Kingdom of the Seahorse
Join us in the Kingdom of the Seahorse to learn about these small and mysterious creatures as they enjoy their lunch. What makes them so unique? Find out here!

Brighton - shark

JAWsome Sharks - 14.00 - Auditorium/Ocean Tunnel
Fact! The Shark is the most misunderstood predator in the oceans. Find out why, what threatens their existence and what we can do to help them in this Tropical display talk. At feeding time you’ll see the Blacktip Reef Sharks, Sandbar Sharks, Nurse Sharks and Zebra Sharks enjoying a fishy lunch.

Brighton - pacu

Big Fish Bonanza - 15.00 - Big Fish Display
When buying fish some pet owners are not warned about the length some of these fish grow to. Join us at our Big Fish display (36) to be introduced to some of the biggest fish we look after including Pacu, Pangassius and Red Tailed Catfish. You will also learn about our big fish campaign.

Interactive rockpool

Interactive rockpool

Explore our touch pool

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